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Why Select The Daniel Law Group?

Attorney selection is a complicated decision. Individuals and businesses seeking an attorney for the first time, or looking for new representation, have the difficult task of finding a knowledgeable, experienced firm that can serve their legal needs at a reasonable price. That task is made difficult by the reality that most people don’t understand the law or what makes a good attorney. At our firm we get that, so here is why you should select us:

We Get To Know Our Clients

By knowing our clients we can identify and meet their specific goals, which allows us to tailor our representation and advice to your specific situation. Our firm does not believe that one size fits all.

We Are Professional

Our attorneys observe the highest level of ethics and integrity. We hold our clients’ information in strict confidence in accordance with all rules of professional conduct. Your secret is our secret.

We Get Results

Our attorneys are experienced and will work hard to successfully complete whatever task you bring us. We will settle your case in a manner that meets your goals, or we will  stand by you in a courtroom fighting for your rights.

We Are Affordable

We understand that lawyers are expensive and you worked hard for your money. Our goal is to give you as much, or as little, lawyering as is needed to achieve your goals.

An Experienced, Professional Attorney

Jesse D. Daniel, Esquire, founded The Daniel Law Group PLLC in Indiana, PA during 2014. From its inception to today, the firm has focused on providing counseling and legal representation to individuals and businesses living and doing business in Indiana County and across western and central Pennsylvania. The firm prides itself on advising and guiding its clients through the potentially difficult and stressful times that require legal representation. The firm works for all types and sizes of clients, from individuals with personal legal matters, to regional businesses with thousands of customers. No matter how big or small your needs, our firm is here to help.

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